Website Additions and Changes – Spring 2019

We made a couple of additions to the home page of our site this week. First, we enabled a toggle to switch the live station data units-of-measure between Imperial and Metric. This was in response to a request we received through social media a few months ago.

Second, we added a Seasons Countdown section, because we all need a reminder that even though we hit 89.6 degrees today (4/9/19), Summer does not begin for another 72 days! The new section will update to countdown each season: Spring-Vernal Equinox, Summer – Summer Solstice, Fall – Autumn Equinox, and Winter – Winter Solstice.

We also made several graphical updates to freshen up the site. We added a seamless cloud background graphic, a new set of forecast icons, new moon phase images, and rounded corners on the header and footer sections, tables, header fields, and images.

If you have any feedback or suggestions for site changes or additions, please let us know!


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