Nearby Earthquake Activity

Earthquakes in the past 7 days of magnitude 2.0 or greater within 250 mi
Update time = Thu, 16-Sep-2021 10:01am CDT

Epicenter Near Magnitude Distance to Epicenter Time Link
1 km SSE of Quinton, Oklahoma 2.1 000257160 mi 1631742720Wed, 15-Sep-2021 4:52pm CDT map
5 km ESE of Covington, Oklahoma 2.3 000362225 mi 1631732354Wed, 15-Sep-2021 1:59pm CDT map
18 km NNE of Hermleigh, Texas 2.4 000367228 mi 1631501335Sun, 12-Sep-2021 9:48pm CDT map
16 km NNE of Hermleigh, Texas 2.7 000372231 mi 1631451430Sun, 12-Sep-2021 7:57am CDT map
17 km NNE of Hermleigh, Texas 3.6 000367228 mi 1631446001Sun, 12-Sep-2021 6:26am CDT map
3 km ESE of Carney, Oklahoma 2.1 000300186 mi 1631424491Sun, 12-Sep-2021 12:28am CDT map
17 km NNE of Hermleigh, Texas 2.6 000367228 mi 1631377091Sat, 11-Sep-2021 11:18am CDT map

7 earthquakes found. Click on location or map links for more details from the USGS

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Map and data courtesy of United States Geological Survey.